Sunday 3 January 2016

Gertrude's 2015

From gorgeous gosling to gorgeous goose. 

First baby photo.

Second day at home & discovers shoes.

Yep, she loves shoes. :)

Meeting Ruby

Relaxing in the garden.

Snoozing on her cushion.

Love her.

Visiting a farm shop.

Out growing the cushion.

Trying on her harness.
Out for a walk.

She loves a road trip.

Checking for spinach.

Bath time.

Getting bigger.


Meeting some goats.

Oh no, I don't like the big geese!

That's as far as she was prepared to go in.

She prefers her private tub.

Out for a wander.

Sunset walks

She's a big part of our family.

There's a goose trapped in there!

Preening her new feathers in the lounge, (her favourite spot.)

Still a shoe addict.

Not getting in the lake, NO WAY!

New house 

£100 to fix my phone screen.

Feed. Me. Bread.

Halloween gives her goose bumps.

Raiding the fridge.

But it's the same colour as spinach.


A reluctant cuddle.

Sunny afternoons

Seeing off the neighbours.

Mowing competition.

The washing machine deserves a quick chew.

In for my breakfast.

Not sure about the newest member of our family.

Teaching Mary the food is in the fridge.

The best goose in the world.