Wednesday, 21 November 2012

xx Hattie xx


My little Hattie is not improving.

She now spends some time in her 'hammock' to give her legs freedom to move and exercise.  Her paralysis is such that she is unable to balance herself to walk or sit, and her appetite has all but diminished.

Hattie in her chicken 'hammock' invention, courtesy of 'Scratch & Peck's' Lauren Scheuer. 

We have another appointment at the vets, I am dreading it.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Hattie has it.  I am devastated.

One of her wings is paralysed and the toes on her left legs have lost movement and that same leg is noticeably weaker than the other.

The combined effect of these two things has changed her stance. To counterbalance her weight she stands, as my vet described it, like a peacock, with her bottom in the air.

She walks slowly, and on a slight angle.  When she sits, her left leg sticks out in front of her.  She has good days and not so good days, but she is feisty and fighting, interested in life and not in pain.

She is allowed out to free range still, but only when my other girls are put in their run, otherwise she is in the house.

She is being given a steroid injection weekly, to lessen the effects of the disease whilst I am giving her Hypericum.  She has one tablet, twice a day in a tablespoon amount of distilled water.  I have read that it has been used successfully against Marek's.  I will try anything that could possibly help.

I KNOW that it is possible to survive Marek's, so we will keep on going.  
She is not in pain and as long as she is not, we will keep going.

I just want my little hen to get better x