Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Goodness me! How long has it been?!!!!

Huge, massive, enormous apologies for my tardiness.  I'm not going to look at the last blog date but it's been over a year, I'm sure.

The last year has been spent moving out to a cottage in the country and settling everyone down. The English countryside is incredibly beautiful and the ideal spot for chickens. :)

The girls first day in their new home.

Exploring the garden.

Making new friends.

Sadly, not long after we moved, we lost Pearl to a buzzard attack.  It was incredibly upsetting to find her and so we have decided not to have anymore bantams.

There have been a couple of other changes in my flock since my last post. Annie, my lovely Barred Rock sadly became not so lovely and started to victimise a particular flock member, to a point where she couldn't free range.  The regularity and ferocity showed no sign of decreasing and this was not a great situation, but luckily a farmer friend of mine had a small flock that free ranged the whole farm and he was more than willing to take her home. I've since heard she has settled in and doesn't have any issues with her new flock. Phew!

Two new arrivals are 'Edith', a French wheaten Maran and 'Vera', a Cream Legbar.  I particularly wanted these two breeds for the eggs they lay.  Edith lays huge, dark brown eggs and Vera's are a beautiful blue.
My hen's have been described as 'Farrow & Ball chooks'!

Farrow & Ball



There is also another new member to our flock but she need a whole post to herself...


Fly high over Rainbow Bridge, dear Pearl xxx