Sunday, 3 January 2016

Gertrude's 2015

From gorgeous gosling to gorgeous goose. 

First baby photo.

Second day at home & discovers shoes.

Yep, she loves shoes. :)

Meeting Ruby

Relaxing in the garden.

Snoozing on her cushion.

Love her.

Visiting a farm shop.

Out growing the cushion.

Trying on her harness.
Out for a walk.

She loves a road trip.

Checking for spinach.

Bath time.

Getting bigger.


Meeting some goats.

Oh no, I don't like the big geese!

That's as far as she was prepared to go in.

She prefers her private tub.

Out for a wander.

Sunset walks

She's a big part of our family.

There's a goose trapped in there!

Preening her new feathers in the lounge, (her favourite spot.)

Still a shoe addict.

Not getting in the lake, NO WAY!

New house 

£100 to fix my phone screen.

Feed. Me. Bread.

Halloween gives her goose bumps.

Raiding the fridge.

But it's the same colour as spinach.


A reluctant cuddle.

Sunny afternoons

Seeing off the neighbours.

Mowing competition.

The washing machine deserves a quick chew.

In for my breakfast.

Not sure about the newest member of our family.

Teaching Mary the food is in the fridge.

The best goose in the world.



  1. Oh my goodness, you have a goose!!! That is spectacular! Love it!