Friday, 12 August 2011

The house chicken.

This arrangement suited Betty very well.  She spent nearly all of her time sat on the pouffe.  Only moving when a suitable lap or shoulder became available. 

The remote controls are for me, not her.

She seemed a little under the weather after we bought her home.  I had thought her comb and wattles rather pale, hence the visit to the vet.  Nothing was pinpointed as being wrong but she did have a bit of a temperature and her poop was a bit iffy so antibiotics were prescribed.

Quarrentine from Reggie and Brick meant she moved in with us, which pleased her greatly.

To pass the time she took to reading.  

She liked this book...

...this one not so much.  

This is her favourite past time...

 ...Youtube being the most popular choice.

She likes to see what the neighbours are up to...

                                                         ...the postman is of particular interest.   

Relaxing in the conservatory often earns me this view...

...and if the petting stops, it's this...

...which (if petting is not resumed) turns to this.

Then the day came to move in with the chickens at the bottom of the garden.  
Betty was not keen.
Not keen at all.

So now this, happens a lot!

Which inevitably results in this...



  1. Too cute! I have a part-time house chicken too. Lulu climbs the stairs to come in for the night if I don't go out to get her. If she has to walk all the way to the house, you can hear her muttering. LOL!

  2. Lulu sounds fab Joan, lol!