Thursday, 22 December 2011

Three Days Before Christmas!

Brick decided this was the optimum time to require veterinary treatment...THREE days!  I don't expect there's a lot of poultry heading in the direction of the vets for remedial treatment three days before Christmas.

Pippin was most obliging in lending Brick his basket to go to the vets...
...I suspect fowl play.

Brick had sounded like an old squeezebox the day before and I suspected a respiratory infection.  Typically, it was nowhere near as bad this morning but with the vets closed for a few days over Christmas, I wasn't going to risk it.

We were going to drop by the open surgery in the morning but one hour before we were due to set off, Brick decided it was egg laying time.  Two hours later, when she finally emerged, it was too late to go and so a proper, official appointment had to be made.  Our appointment was for 2.50pm.

At 2.30pm Brick decided it was time for a dust bath.  At 2.35pm I was chasing her round the garden.  At 2.40pm we were all in the car.

As always, Brick's name caused confusion.  On the phone to the vet, there was a pause and I was asked to repeat, and spell said name.  At the vets the veterinary nurse just eyed me over a pair of glasses.

Once in, the usual checks took place; the temperature-taking was less fraught than it has been in the past.  I guess once you've laid a few eggs, a thermometer is a walk in the park.

Any way, two injections and thirty pounds lighter, we're on our way home and somewhat amused by the lady in the waiting room who asked if my cat was ok because it didn't sound very well at all... 



  1. Wow! I'm glad Brick will be well for Christmas. Was it an upper respiratory infection after all?? I suppose I should find myself a Vet for my chickens so I'll be prepared if anything should happen. Thankfully so far, they've been well and had no need.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. It wasn't confirmed but her breathing is noisy. Luckily they have a cure all injection that always seems to work and she had an anti-inflamitary jab too. She resting up in the house at night, as its cold and damp outside at the mo. Glad to hear yours are healthy and well and hope you all have a lovely Christmas too! xx