Saturday, 27 October 2012


Hattie seems to be on the lane to recovery.  I say lane rather than road, as road would suggest fast progress.

Her eye is less squinty but still not fully open.  Her eating is returning to normal and she is more active than she was.  All brilliant news!

So today she was allowed out in the garden with the other gals, to catch the last of the Autumnal sun, and that's when I spotted it.

Just look at that wing!

What on earth is it doing dragging along the floor?!!

I have absolutely no idea what she's done to it.  I can't imagine she's broken it, she's been a house chicken pretty much since we've had her.  There's been no scuffles with my other gals.  Gahhh!!!!

Apparently, according to the web, sometimes they can drag a wing for a number of reasons, after a couple of days it returns to normal, so we shall see.
I have secured her wing in 'Vet Wrap'.  Seeing it dragging along the floor, getting in the way didn't seem to be helping her much and if it is broken, it needs to be secured into as near as normal position to aid healing. 
I had to nip out to our local pet shop, they only had a bone design, she'll have to pretend it's her Hallowe'en outfit :)

Trick Or Treat!
It was a little disconcerting for her at first and I quickly discovered that you have to secure both wings, not just one! Leaving one free left her off balance, panicking and falling around the room like she'd been at the apple cider a bit too much.  Fortunately, with both wings wrapped, she soon got the hang of it and has discovered that a poorly gal can take liberties!

Your slippers?

We'll be back to the vets on Monday to get it checked out, I need to go anyway.  The 'Drop-On' mite killer they gave me in a syringe got a bit stuck and I manage to squirt all of the 20mls over Hattie and the sofa instead of 10mls just on Hattie.  

This chicken lark, it ain't always easy!



  1. Aw I'm glad to hear she's doing better.
    I doubt she broke her wing.. I bet she hasn't been very active? So I doubt that she could have hurt it.

    1. I agree, she seems to be holding it a little better today. Thank you xxxx

  2. Awww, poor girl! Hope she recovers quickly. You are taking great care of her in the mean time :)

    1. :) Me too! & thank you, I do my best for the little rascals :) xxxxx

  3. How is Hattie doing? Is she keeping her wing wrapped up?

    1. Hi Lynn!
      I have taken the wrap off and she seems to be holding it better but her earlier symptoms seem to be coming back :( Off to the vets again, everything considered, I'm really hoping it's not Marek's :( x

  4. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Hope she improves.

    1. Thank you Joan, me too, though she's having a bit of a relapse at the moment :( x