Thursday, 7 February 2013

My What? Hen

This is Violet.
She's a mauve Orpington bantam.

She is my 'What?' hen.

What's in here?

What's in the bag?

What's down there?

What's behind your arm?

What's that in your hair?

What's in your bag?

What are you doing with that tree?

During my much too brief time with Hattie, I fell in love with the Orpington breed and decided I wanted to add another to my flock.  

Following a bit of a search, I found an Orpington breeder not too far away. He said he had a very friendly pullet, who followed him all over his yard.  So off I set to Herefordshire, and Violet joined our family just before Christmas.

Violet is such a lovely colour, a sort of pale chocolate/blue/grey and she has one noise, a questioning noise, she makes it all the time (I think its chicken for 'what?').  The only time she ceases this noise, apart from when she's asleep, is when she's having a cuddle.  

Then she says, Ooooooooooooo.

Since we lost Betty, Violet and Mabel have become each others 'very best friend'.  Mabel was Bet's sidekick, even though Mabel is top hen.  
Mabel misses her friend, so I'm glad she has Violet to wander the garden with.

She's such a lovely girl =)



  1. What a cutie - love that last picture of her lol.

    1. Thank you Shell x
      That's her 'Are you going to give me some sweetcorn?' face. I see that a lot! :D

  2. Loved the post! What a pretty girl! And what a nosy one! LOL! She could be related to Lulu because I can't do anything without her "supervision". ;)

    1. Lol, thanks Joan!
      She's VERY nosy, beak in everything! I wouldn't mind if she was related to Lulu, Lulu is a star! xx

  3. What a sweetie pie! So cute!


  4. Thanks Lisa, she is a sweet girl :) x

  5. I'm so happy for Mabel. Violet seems like a sweet little lunatic, and the photos show it so well.

    1. Ha, ha Lauren!
      What a wonderful description, it suits her beautifully!

      I too am glad Mabel has a new friend, one who cannot fail to cheer her up :)

      Thank you x

  6. Oh yes I find chickens to be the most curious animals. When I am out back they are in the middle of what I am doing no matter what. They love to help. I wanted to reply to your comment about the little house being the perfect coop. You are set as a no reply commenter. Not sure if you knew that so I could not respond. Anyway I totally agree that that would be a fabulous coop. Secure too once you screened off the windows with wire. Sadly my budget does not allow.

  7. Oh yes, 'helping' is what they do best! :D
    I had no idea about the comments, I will see if I can figure out how to change it, thanks for letting me know :) x

    Oh what a shame :( Money always spoils the best chicken plans! xx