Sunday, 19 May 2013

Explorer Annie

It was delightfully sunny today, so I figured I'd let Annie have a wander around the garden.
She was beside herself, trying to scoff anything that would fit into that little beak of hers. 

I guess she's been hatched in an incubator and raised under heat, as her 'big hen etiquette' needed a bit of work. Trying to extract that juicy bit of sweetcorn from Violet's beak, was never going to be a good move.
Luckily it was Violet and she was just sent her on her way with a quick scolding.  

Chickie has now learnt to be mindful of the ladies...

Only Ruby had a good peck and grumble about Chickie, she is very protective of her No3 status.

Annie strikes a pose for the camera

Chickie tried to dust bath in the grass, so I picked her up and popped her in the official dust bathing spot.

She sat still for a while...

...then there was no stopping her!

Violet strolled by, looking gargantuan and cast me a look that said "You ok'd this right?".

The girls busied themselves bug-hunting by the coop, whilst Chickie ran amok.

Ruby is notoriously difficult to get a picture of but I managed to get a lovely one today :) (I had zoom on max!)

A gorgeous gal

I think Chickie is settling in well :) x



  1. Aww, these photos are so cute! It is fun watching the chicks learn how to forage and dust bathe :)

    Ruby is a beauty! I'm glad you were able to get a shot of her. Some chickens just don't want to be still for the camera!

    1. It is so much fun! Chicks are hilarious scampering around, I could watch her all day :D

      Thank you, I do love Ruby's colour. It photographs so well on the rare occasion I get snap her! :) x

  2. I love this dust bath thing they do they get so funny and zen like

    1. They love it don't they! I add mite & louse powder to the dirt. They are blissfully unaware they are delousing themselves ;) x