Friday, 25 October 2013

Annie's first summer.

My apologies for lack of chicky blogging, summer holidays are a busy time and when school finishes, routine kinda goes out of the window!

Annie, meanwhile, has not taken a break from growing and is ginormous!!!

Her summer in pictures :)

Scrawny with big feet!

Less scrawny, more feathers, still massive feet!

Meeting the gals, who for a limited time, were bigger.

First free range in the garden.

Growing in to her feet.


More chillaxing!!

See above.

Again, above.

Hmmm, the table isn't as comfy as the sofa!

Good view from a knee, still not as comfy as the sofa.

Ahhhh, much better!

Where's Annie?

Is that a bug???!

Gonna get me that bug!

She discovered the merits of standing on stuff.

Flowers were shown no mercy in her quest to discover stuff to stand on.
The stool remains a firm favourite. 

Photo bombing.

Are you throwing away bugs??!

Nearly fully grown, looking lovely on the newly discovered bench.

Back of the bench is a new favourite, also handy for spotting treats first!

Nom, nom, nom!

Noms for me? 

Big gal Annie.

We hope your summer was great too! xx


  1. Awww, Annie has grown into such a beauty! I adore the photo of her relaxing on the couch. It's so hilarious how she's all stretched out and looks so comfy!

    PS - Glad to see you back here! :)

    1. Oh, if there's one thing Annie knows about, it's being comfy! :D

      Thank you :D Glad to get back to blogging x

  2. She has grown up so much since I last saw her! Lovely photos!

    1. I know, she is huge! I think the amount she scoffs may have played a large part! :D

  3. Love all the photos of sweet Annie! Glad you're back. I miss seeing your sweeties and getting a chicken-fix! What a character she is!

    1. Awww, thank you Joan. I hope you are ok x Sending you hugs with your chicken fix xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Replies
    1. She is utterly loveable, Natalie :) x (And a bit naughty!)