Sunday, 25 September 2011


To try and take my mind off Reg's departure, I've been thinking about my girls laying their first eggs.  According to their ages, Betty should be first up, although I'm not entirely sure Betty shares my opinion on this.

I was obviously looking wistful as Paul asked me what I was thinking about.  I shared my musings with him.  He paused for a brief moment and then mused back:

"Betty looks too small and feeble to lay any eggs ever.  Brick's insane and any egg she lays will probably be cube-shaped and as for the lolling headed, blind one in there (Mabel) - she looks like she'd have trouble walking in a straight line, let alone lay an egg".

A slight pause and a quick look at my face and he continued:

"But I could be wrong.  You could be sat out front at your table, with your little sign, selling boxes upon boxes of eggs".

I get the feeling he's been considering the egg situation for longer than I have...


Paul does attempt, after his initial input of constructing the coop, to keep his involvement with my hens to a minimum.  The same doesn't apply to him commenting on my chicken activities.  

Recently I bought some leg rings for my girls.  I like the thought that they have something on them that indicates they belong to someone and with my phone number written on them I hope, that if they ever were lost, some kind soul would return them to me.

I showed Paul the rings, he stared at them for a while and then asked:

"Is that so you can tell them apart...?"



  1. SO you could tell them apart! LOL! A comedian. You should have said "a girl needs her jewelry" ;)

  2. Ah yes, that would have been a perfect response :D

  3. How do these egg things work?

  4. Hi Whittni :)

    Egg things?