Saturday, 10 September 2011

No, it's not for a dog, it's for my chickens.

Whilst driving along our road, I noticed a few handmade bird tables for sale at one of the houses.  On the return journey, my eye was caught by a small dog kennel positioned just a bit farther back.

One three point turn later, I was parked outside looking at the kennel.  It was quite lovely and sized for a small dog, handmade, with good quality wood and very sweetly painted.  Ideal for a 'day house' for my chickens.  After a knock on the door and the exchange of not a lot of money, I drove home with my latest acquisition.

Once in the garden and past the mildly surprised look from my husband - I had only popped up the road for some stamps - the question was 'where to put it?'  Needless to say, it was moved many times before ending up in its final resting place.  During this time, the chickens got acquainted with their new, if somewhat TARDIS-like abode.

Initially, they all stared at the little house from a distance.  Betty eventually plucked (I know, I know) up the courage to have a look.

That delightful, if somewhat ample, fluffy bottom stayed positioned in the door way for quite some time.

And during that time, a queue built up...  


Eventually, Reggie could wait no longer and had to take matters into his own...wings?

Then followed a considerable amount of pushing and shoving as all three tried to occupy the doorway at the same time.  This was never going to be satisfactory for any of them, least of all Betty, who considered it her house.

So the end result was this:

And there it was.  Betty secured ownership of her little house and spent the rest of the day sitting in it.  And the other two?  Well, they pretended they didn't care and went off to harass any small insects they could find. 


  1. Lovely little house! Now you'll have to get them each one. ;)

  2. Oh no, they have to share our garden, not take over even more! ;)

  3. I'm loving you blog - have been working my way up from the first entry. We started keeping hens last spring and your tales are reminding me of my lovely girls and my neighbours cockerel which we have become very attached to aswell- he visits often ;)

    1. Aww, thank you Renata!
      Chickens are wonderful aren't they :) and it sounds like you might a cockerel, or two of your own soon! :D xxx