Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Breaking Broodiness!

At last, I have discovered a system to stop my broodies in their tracks!

My secret weapons are these:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

My plan was to keep the offending hen away from the coop & nest boxes at all costs.  Exhibit A is for daytime, Exhibit B for night time in the house.  Their annoyance at being contained in such a manner ensures broodiness is quite quickly forgotten.  Four days in the anti-broody pens seems to do the trick.

I'm very pleased not to have to suffer four weeks plus of a grumpy nest-hogger! :D



  1. Great ideas! I use rabbit cages and it works great them at a rummage sale for 5 bucks a piece (can't turn that down!) wish they had more then two. I also use them for "hospital" cages when I need to. I have the little feeders to hook on the wire and they stay in there for three days. Works wonderful :D

  2. $5! Bargain! They have so many uses but work a treat on broody hens! :D