Monday, 4 June 2012


The first time I saw Pearl she was huddled in a pet carrier with Lucy.  When we arrived home I popped them both out in a pen away from the rest of the flock for their quarrantine period.

All she did was run around like a loony, squawking.

I wasn't sure about her at first, she was so loud and flighty.  Luckily she calmed down after a day and has turned out to be a lovely, friendly little hen.  I say little as she is the smallest hen I have, small even for a Pekin!  She has a bit of feathering out to do, especially on her feet.  Somehow due to the lack of foot plumage, when she runs she looks like a clockwork toy.  

Pearl is a Silver Partridge Pekin, lighter than the show standard.  She looks like she's been put through the hot wash!

Show standard Silver Partridge Pekin
Pearl standard Silver Partridge Pekin!

We were just getting to know her, as she is very cute, but then THIS happened!

ANOTHER broody hen!  She's only been in lay for three weeks!!!

That's two of them now, it would have been three but Lucy gave up after two days, thank gawd!!!



  1. I think Pearl has a better cushion than that SQ hen :)

    She's beautiful!

    1. Thank you :D I think she's beautiful too x

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  3. Pearl is such a nice colour. Perfect name for her! :)

    1. Thank you Joan, I thought the name suited her colour :)