Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sunday in the garden.

The sun graced us with its presence this weekend, so I grabbed to opportunity to tidy up the garden.

The ladies grabbed the opportunity to scoff up-dug worms but retreated to the safety of the bench whilst 'monster chook muncher' (aka the lawn mower), was out and about.

Annie checks out my gardening/tidying skills.

Colourful Geranium leaves.

After all that gardening I needed a nap...but you probably already know about that! :D x



  1. Your garden is so pretty! I love that bench amongst all the flowers. Too funny how the girls hid behind the bench!

    1. They are so scared of it, they rush about squawking and congregate behind the bench :D

      Thank you :) x With the amount of rain we've had in the UK, it's had no choice but to bloom!

  2. Replies
    1. Awww Madz, thank you, you are very kind x

  3. Thanks for the pics of the geranium leaves! I can't believe how lovely they are! They almost don't need flowers as they are so beautiful themselves!