Saturday, 15 June 2013

Royal Three Counties Show

We visited the Three Counties Show today (Hereford, Gloucester and Worcester being the three). The best of all British farming was on display at the show ground, not just chickens!

The dreadlocked sheep was rather handsome and a bit of a poser!

A coat for ewe :)

Panda cow!

The size of cows stuns me every time.

The excitement was too much for some.

Happy faces before the downpour.  Well, it wouldn't be an English show if there wasn't some rain! 

Maddy's favourite animals at the show.

Chicks for cuddling :)

I liked this sign :)

This Pekin was a friendly girl.

This one wasn't.

The Call duck was very sweet.

A mini Peggy & Violet :) 

And a big Annie!

She's staring intently at the camera because I was 'talking' to her in 'chicken', much to the embarrassment of my long suffering children.  :D

I hope his new owners teach him to swim!

Blue eggs

We loved this tiny Serama, so cute!

An extremely fluffy Silkie.

This chap was VERY impressive!

Loved the markings on this fellow.

Barred Rock bantam.

Best in show bull.

The grumpiest sheep at the show :D

Before we left for home, we went back to see if the pigs had woken up, which they had.

And my memento of the show?

A little Peggy painting :)



  1. Looks like a fun day. I like the big Annie chickens best. And the sheep with dreadlocks.

    1. It was Rosemary, especially when it wasn't raining!
      The big Annie was my favourite also, and we did love the dreadlocked sheep but the pigs and chicks were the girls stars of the day :) x

  2. What great photos. Was the dredlock sheep a Wensleydale? Gorgeous fleece!

    I'm impressed at how well kept the poultry cages seem to be. Last fall we went to a local fair that had a poultry exhibit. The cages were absolutely disgusting. It really made me angry.

    1. I'm afraid my sheep knowledge is quite limited, so I have no idea.
      I did see a lot of cleaning out of cages by stewards whilst I was there, which was nice :)
      I get cross too! x

  3. Boy that looks fun! I've never been to a show. Looks like something to do in the future, if I can find one fairly close to home. Great pics of all the different birds and animals.

    1. We had a brilliant day, I would totally recommend it.

      Thank you Joan x

  4. All those animals are so cute, especially that sheep! Love your painting!

    1. I wanted to bring most of them home! :D
      Thank you :) the painting is lovely, it really does look like Peggy :) x

  5. looks like a grand time adn my vote is for the cute chicky and the pigs they have some really neet markings.

    1. The chicky and the pigs were favourites here too! :D xx

  6. Sweet little Piggies. Cows are huge aren't they ?
    Lovely show & nice to see that however old our children are - they still get pleasure holding a chick which is lovely.

    1. Yes! Some of them were ginormous!!!

      Holding the chicks was their favourite thing. I had to ask to have a hold too and I wasn't the only 'grown up' asking :D x