Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Freshly dug flower beds.

Can you tell?

I've also just repositioned that tall plant.  They look like they're having an in depth discussion about its placement!



  1. It's totally impossible to keep any sort of garden at my house. With the two dogs and((I'm not sure anymore)chickens). New reader to your blog :D Love it!

  2. Luckily, they're quite good gardeners, because I'm not! :D

    Thanks ever so much for your kind comments xxx

  3. Thank you for coming back to read :D I LOVE comments, don't get many but when I do get one I'm all thrilled :D So thanks for taking the time. Going back to do a little reading on your blog. Love seeing chicken pictures and reading about them.

    1. You're welcome! I love a good chicken blog too and am enjoying reading yours :)
      Comments are always brilliant aren't they, then you know you're not just blogging for yourself, lol! xxx

  4. Garden inspectors! LOL! I can't get near the garden or a flower bed without Lulu checking on what I'm doing. Always in the way checking if I've unearthed a worm or bug! And you have even more help! Lucky you!

  5. Oh yes, I certainly do have 'help'. Aren't I the lucky one, lol!

    Still, I do appreciate a low bug count in the garden :D