Thursday, 10 May 2012


Lucy is a cuckoo Pekin.  She's incredibly fluffy, looks a lot like a tea cosy wandering round the garden. She's from show stock but one of her little feet is a bit deformed, not that you can see as she has the most incredible feathery feet!

It's not just her feet that are feathery.  She seems to have far more feathers than any of the others.  She's a complete featherball.  She has a delicate little head and the Pekin 'tilt'.  This means she carries her tail slightly higher than her head.  This only adds to her tea cosy appearance.

My first glimpse of Lucy was from inside a cat carrier with Pearl.  She was calm and regarded me with mildly questioning eyes. No panic, no fear and no alarmed squawking.

I liked her straight away.  

The picture below is Lucy on her first day with me.  The obligatory back of the sofa shot.  She has that look of consideration & regard all the time, whatever she happens to be doing.  She's very proper and gentle. 

Lucy has learnt to ask for more treats.  A quiet 'bok bok bok', after she's finished her treat will nearly always ensure another.  
First day home

Watching the world go by during quarantine 

With Pearl, for the first time out in the garden

She's struck up a friendship with Betty, they wander about the garden deep in cluckversation.

Their closeness became apparent when Bet removed a piece of grass from Lucy's beak, and then wiped her beak on Lucy's beautiful & voluptuous feathers.  

Lucy has taught Betty that  people chairs make excellent 'chicken chairs' too!

Only true friends would allow that!